Tuesday, March 6, 2018

***2018 Rule Changes***

2018 rule changes

Page 10 IV Duties of Officers and Board of Directors A. Board of Directors By-laws 3.
Directors obtaining sponsorship money in excess of the determined amount must give 10% of the excess to the CPRA in order for the sponsor to be recognized as an official sponsor. The rest of the excess may be used for awards or added money in the Director’s event. All receipts and invoices must be turned into the state office within one week of the Finals rodeo.

Page 13 D. Board of Directors I. CPRA Judges
Board of Directors will appoint one (1) Judge Representative to attend board meetings; the representative will be responsible for judges seminars, assigning judges at rodeos, and all duties connected to the judging program. The representative will be responsible for obtaining sponsorship for the judges program. One (1) vote will be allowed. Term will last for two (2) years, and will be elected on even years.

Page 20 C. Colorado Co-sanction with another state 1.
Colorado will not co-sanction any rodeo with another State association
on a case by case basis. when Colorado has three (3) Colorado first sanctioned rodeos on any given weekend (a week-end consist of Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
1a. All contestants must enter and compete in a minimum of five (5) Colorado first sanctioned rodeos in order to be eligible for a finals qualification.

Page 44 M. Payoff 11.
Open and Mixed Team Roping Day Money Program
1. All CPRA rodeos with two (2) or more performances will be required to pay a “day money” of $200 per team for the fastest time in the first performance.
2. This money will be paid out of the current pot, no extra money shall be charged.
3. Day money won shall count towards the event year end standings.
4. Day money won shall not count towards any all around standings.
5. If no qualified times in the first performance, day money will go back into the pot.

Page 47 Timers
8. All timers must be CPRA card carrying members to be eligible to time at the finals.

Page 48 Judges A. Approval and Qualifications 5a.
At the finals, four (4) judges will be used in riding events and timed events. In riding events, all four (4) judges will score each ride and an average of the four (4) scores will determine the score of the ride. Roughstock contestants will vote in two (2) judges and timed event contestants will vote in two (2) judges. If there is a tie, the judges representative will decide the tie breaker.

Page 51 Judging General 6. Markings
Judges are required to score rough stock animals for the duration of the ride. The half point system of scoring is added to all Roughstock jackpots, CPRA sanctioned rodeos and the CPRA finals.

Page 55 Event Rules & Judging Guidelines B. Re-rides g.
In the Bareback and Saddle Bronc Riding, when the horse turns out backwards, an automatic re-ride is given with a completed ride. If the rider is thrown off just after the horse leaves the gate backwards, they will be given an option at the discretion of the judges.

Page 67 H. Ladies Breakaway Roping 11.
Ropes must be tied to the saddle horn with string provided. Rope must have a COLORED, preferably bright colors: neon orange, neon green, hot pink or bright white cloth attached, no more than six (6) inches from the horn. Any other color will be deemed a disqualification. The animal must break the string or a NO TIME will be assessed.

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