CPRA Rodeo Schedule
Updated July 19, 2022
Entry Information
PO Box 27544 | Denver, CO 80227 | cpraoffice@coloradoprorodeo.com | Office: 719.647.2828
Pay turn-out and or fines call: (719) 469-4186
Please DO NOT wait until the day of call in entries to buy your membership!!

If your association doesn't accept checks, Colorado will not accept your check. We do accept debit/credit cards.

Entry Contact: Midwest Rodeo Entries www.midwestrodeoentries.com
Phone: 605.374.7754 Email: info@midwestrodeoentries.com
Entries: CALL-IN Monday before rodeo noon-6pm MST 605.374.7754
ONLINE Friday (before Monday call-ins) to Monday 6pm before rodeo www.midwestrodeoentries.com
Callbacks: CALL-IN Tuesday before rodeo 1-5pm MST 605.374.7754
ONLINE anytime to Tuesday 5pm before rodeo www.midwestrodeoentries.com
Unless otherwise posted

All Turnouts, Vet Releases & Medical Releases
MUST call the State Office and leave a message for each rodeo entered. Please be specific in your message, what type of turn out it is (vet or medical or plain turn out), your full name, card number and return phone number. You must notify each rodeo that you are turning out of a minimum of 3 hours in advance of that rodeo, call the state office. The same rules apply to any state we are co-sanctioned with. You'll find those phone numbers posted in the rodeo schedule information.

Non-members may enter through central entry at the specified date and time. They will be assessed a non-member fee of $25.00, and must contact the State Office to put a credit card on file (to secure entry) and be assigned a non-member number before entering with central entry. They can pay their fees at the rodeo, but with CASH only.

Colorado Entry Fees: BB/SB $88; TD/BKW/SW $112; OTR/MTR $129; LBR $78; BR $103
You have to buy your membership before you compete for your earnings to count.
Jack-pot points do not count toward all-around

Midwest Entry Tutorials
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CPRA State Office
PO Box 129 • Granada, CO 81041
Office: 719.647.2828
Fax: 719.213.2259
Entry/Callback: 605.374.7754
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